Pacific Leadership and Mentoring Programme

Developed in association with the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre and LEAD

Background to N2W
N2W has been designed to develop leadership practices within non-playing rugby. To better reflect Auckland and New Zealand’s playing community, N2W is focused on increasing the capability and capacity of both Pacific and current (primarily NZ European) contributions to leadership within the New Zealand Rugby system.

It’s a voluntary programme and its purpose is to offer leadership development and mentoring for two specific groups (Pacific and Club Leadership). These programmes are supported by a Pacific Advisory Group. The Pacific Leadership information which encompasses workshops on leadership development and mentoring. These will be supported by a one-to-one confidential, sustained mentoring relationship. The purpose of this is to ultimately serve rugby in New Zealand via growing clubs and fostering greater Pacific contribution to leadership in rugby.

For the mentoring element, the mentor and mentee together design and maintain a professional support plan for the mentee. The focus of the programme is on the current needs of the mentee. Therefore the issues discussed and tasks undertaken are unique and confidential to each mentor/mentee pair.

N2W is also a multi-year action research project in partnership with New Zealand Rugby, Auckland Rugby, and Auckland University of Technology (AUT), AUT Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ). Your involvement is voluntary and supported by AUT’s research ethics processes.

Programme Snapshot

How can you serve your Pacific rugby community?
*With your colleagues on the programme, you will be supported to grow your leadership skills, knowledge and confidence so that you can better serve your rugby community
*It aims to ensure you have the support you need to engage in leadership within your club/organisation
*It will help you to identify who you are as a leader, and what your leadership goals are
*You will explore issues facing you in your leadership journey, especially as a Pacific person
*Participating in this programme will enhance you to further your career pathways in rugby
*It will provide you with a mentor who will walk alongside you on your leadership journey
*Your club/rugby community will benefit from your increased leadership capability
*You will create networks and ongoing relationships that will benefit you, your club and rugby

There are three parts to this programme:
1.A one day workshop exploring both Pacific Leadership in general and yourself as a leader
2.A half day mentoring training workshop
3.A year-long opportunity to work with a personal mentor who will support and guide you in your leadership journey

Selection of Mentees and Mentors
Mentors have been ‘shoulder tapped’ based on their experience by the N2W Pacific Advisory Group and Project Team members (comprising people from New Zealand Rugby, Auckland Rugby and AUT). If you already have in mind someone that you would like to be your leadership mentor, please do let us know.
You will meet the mentors at the end of the first workshop and together you will attend a half day mentoring skills workshop that will enable you and your mentor to get the maximum benefit out of your mentoring relationship.

What is the time commitment?
Firstly, you need to make yourself available for the one-day leadership workshop and half day mentoring training (refer flyer). After that, it is expected that you will meet with your mentor monthly for about an hour at least. No mentoring relationship will last longer than a year but can be shorter if requested.

I still have more questions! No problem!
Please contact
Simon Devoy at Auckland Rugby:
Mike Hester at New Zealand Rugby:
Lesley Ferkins AUT:; mobile: 022 072 9787

What do I do next?
If you would like to be part of N2W, please insert the Pacific Leadership Workshop dates in your diary. Next, please complete the attached Registration of Interest. We look forward to hearing from you. Please note, places are limited.