Student Profiles

Richard Aijee (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The Contribution of Community Sport Programmes to Immigrants Inclusion and Integration.
Supervisors: Richard Wright, Geoff Dickson

Shima Behnoosh (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Investigating the role of social marketing programs in attracting clients to sports clubs.
Supervisors: Michael Naylor, Geoff Dickson.

Aleksei Bogatov (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The production and promotion of Auckland's senior citizen sport sector.
Supervisors: Richard Wright, Geoff Dickson.

Scott Crawford (Masters of Sport and Exercise)

Topic: Sports club capability: Leadership and governance assessment and development.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Gaye Bryham.

Mark Cameron (MPhil)
Topic: Mixed ownership in sport – the case of Super Rugby in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Trevor Meiklejohn.

Camelia Collins (MPhil)

Topic: The effects of an outdoor recreation programme on children's environmental perspectives and actions: A grounded theory study of the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre.
Supervisors: Mark Jones, Mark Orams (mentor).

Debbie Curgenven (PhD Candidate)
How can 'non-traditional ' delivery models support women's participation in mountain biking.
Lesley Ferkins, Geoff Dickson, Katie Rowe

Sue Emerson (MPhil)
Topic: Access to Informal Leadership Opportunities in the Secondary School Context.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Gaye Bayham.

Siona Fernandes (MSE)
Topic: When culture speaks: Indian immigrant families participation in sport and physical activity.
Supervisors: Erica Hinckson, Lesley Ferkins

Katharine Hoskyn (PhD Candidate)

Topic: How can sport clubs increase their membership?
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Michael Naylor.

Melody Johnston (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Factors affecting local resident support for major event referendum: Auckland and the 2026 Commonwealth Games.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Michael Naylor.

Sheryne Lok (Masters of Business)
Topic: C
ultural Intelligence and Chinese participation in sport and recreation.
Supervisors: Jennifer Nikolai, Gaye Bryham.

Nicole Manuela (Master of Business)
Topic: The benefits of sports-based positive youth development programmes in low socioeconomic areas: Perceptions of parents, participants, providers, and facilitators.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Richard Wright

Trevor Meiklejohn
Exploring governance design options for new and emerging sports: The case of stand up paddle boarding in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Ian O'Boyle

Tracy Molloy (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The emergence of the board nomination committee as a governance feature of New Zealand national sport organizations.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Lesley Ferkins.

Bobby Newport (MPhil)
Topic: Early sport and play experiences of elite New Zealand hockey players from rural and regional communities.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Simon Walters, Sarah-Kate Millar

Gary Putt (Master of Business)
Topic:  Fun Playing Rugby! Exploring the Meaning of Fun in Youth Sport.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Michael Naylor.

Annette Sharp (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Coopetition within complex adaptive systems: A study of New Zealand sport.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Richard Wright.

Peter Sommers (PhD Candidate)

Topic: An investigation into sporting philanthropy in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Simon Walters.

Philippa (Pip) Thomas (Masters of Sport and Exercise)
Topic: The effect of an adult behaviour intervention on children’s experiences of youth sport: A case study.
Supervisors: Richard Wright, Tony Oldham.

Jimmy van der Colk (PhD)
Topic: Reformatting youth cricket for a better experience.
Supervisors: Michael Naylor, Katie Buffy

Dwayne Woolliams (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Dyadic Relationships in the Leadership of High Performing Sport.
Supervisors: Simon Walters, Kirsten Spencer, Lesley Ferkins.