Student Profiles

Richard Aijee (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The Contribution of Community Sport Programmes to Immigrants Inclusion and Integration.
Supervisors: Richard Wright, Geoff Dickson.

Javeed Ali (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Exploring the experiences of rugby referees in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Michael Naylor, Lesley Ferkins.

Olivia Baudinet (PhD Candidate)
Topic: How can communities with impairment be developed through sport?
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Katie Rowe.

Gaye Bryham (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Exploring the social construction of leadership: A study of rugby in New Zealand
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Julia Ioane.

Mark Cameron (MPhil)
Topic: Mixed ownership in sport: the case of Super Rugby in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Trevor Meiklejohn.
Debbie Curgenven (PhD Candidate)
Alternate delivery models for women’s participation in mountain biking
Lesley Ferkins, Katie Rowe.

Katharine Hoskyn (PhD Candidate)

Topic: How can sport clubs increase their membership?
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Michael Naylor.

Fiolla Jashari (Master of Business)
Topic: The influence of stadium sponsorship on consumer behaviour: Eden Park
Supervisor: Richard Wright

Melody Johnston (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Factors affecting local resident support for major event referendum: Commonwealth Games.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Michael Naylor.

Sheryne Lok (Masters of Business)
Cultural Intelligence and Chinese participation in sport and recreation.
Supervisors: Jennifer Nikolai, Gaye Bryham.

Trevor Meiklejohn (PhD Candidate)
Exploring governance design in new and emerging sports: The case of Stand Up Paddling in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Ian O'Boyle.

Tracy Molloy (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Board nomination committee as a governance feature of New Zealand NSOs.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Geoff Dickson.

Sophie Parker (Master of Business)
Topic: Women in sport governance: Challenging institutionalised practices at NZ Cricket
Supervisors: Gaye Bryham, Lesley Ferkins.

Gary Putt (Master of Business)
Topic: Growing youth participation in New Zealand rugby.
Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Michael Naylor.

Annette Sharp (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Coopetition within complex adaptive systems: A study of New Zealand sport.
Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Richard Wright.

Dwayne Woolliams (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Dyadic Relationships in the Leadership of High Performing Sport.
Supervisors: Simon Walters, Kirsten Spencer, Lesley Ferkins.