Research Activity

  • Patria Hume ( International Rugby Board/NZ Rugby Union/AUT collaborative project on long term player health outcomes "RugbyHealth". Led by Patria Hume, SPRINZ research associate Dr Ken Quarrie (NZRU), and Dr Martin Raftery (NZRU).  In collaboration with Dr Alice Theadom (NISAN), Assoc Prof Gwyn Lewis (HRRI), Prof Stephen Marshall (USA), Dr Matt Brughelli, Mr Scott Brown, Ian Murphy (NZRU), Assoc Prof Denise Taylor (HRRI), Dr Rosamund Hill (Auckland Hospital).
  • Patria Hume (  International Rugby Board/AUT/ University of Auckland/Sunshine Coast Uni collaborative project on rugby player protective equipment and clothing. Led by Patria Hume, in collaboration with Dr Grant Searchfield (University of Auckland), and Professor Brendan Burkett (Australia), Dr Paul Gamble (SPRINZ research associate), Assoc Prof Frances Joseph (CoLab).  Funded by IRB and AUT $54,064.
  • Patria Hume (  ACC Sport Smart. ACC/AUT collaborative project on sport injury prevention education.  Collaboration with 20 sport science and medicine colleagues including Anna Lorimer and Lee Bridgeman (AUT), Isaac Carlson, Simon Gianotti, John Lammas (ACC), Assoc Prof Duncan Reid (AUT), David Slyfield (HPSNZ), Prof Mike McGuigan (AUT), Prof Barry Wilson (AUT research associate), Brett Reid (Sport NZ), Dr Ken Quarrie (NZRU), Jeni Pearce (HPSNZ), Prof Stephen Marshall (USA), Dr Bruce Hamilton (HPSNZ), Assoc Prof Chris Button (Otago University), Prof Enrico Haemmerle (AUT), Prof Brendan Burkett (Uni Sunshine Coast, Australia), Tony Iro (NZRL), Dr Ken Quarrie (NZRU), Megan Crockett (Netball NZ), Dr Mark Fulcher (NZ Football), Mike Lamont (NZ Mountain Safety Council).
  • Patria Hume (  ACC ActiveSmart. ACC/AUT collaborative project on recreational injury prevention education.  Collaboration with Isaac Carlsson and Natalie Harkinder (ACC), and Anna Lorimer (AUT).
  • Chris Whatman and Simon Walters – Attitudes to injury in secondary school sport.Chris Whatman and Duncan Reid – Movement screening in secondary school netball.
  • Chris Whatman -  Netball injuries at the Netball North Harbour Centre.