Research Activity

Project title: SKIPP Biomechanics Darts Programme 2018
Team members: Jessica Yeoman; Denny WellsJoshua McGeown; Patria Hume
Aim: To take baseline biomechanics and dart performance scores, intervene with a training programme to increase accuracy and consistency in dart throwing, and assess improvement in throwing over the year.
Methods: Performance scores in the laboratory, as well as in real tournaments will be taken.  A literature review of darts biomechanics will be provided.  Biomechanics of darts throwing in the laboratory will be assessed.  A training intervention will be undertaken.

Project title: ACC SportSmart 9 point plan review
Team members:
Patria Hume, Chris Whatman, Duncan Reid, Paul Gamble, Jacqueline Alderson, Natalie Hadarker.
Collaboration with ACC and international colleagues to undertake systematic reviews of five components of the ACC SportSmart injury prevention education programme. The findings have resulted in changes to the national programmes run by ACC and national sports in the Sport Collaboration Group. The project started in 2017 and will be on-going in 2018.

Project title: Monitoring of Lower Extremity Load in Basketball
Team members:
Kelly Sheerin, Chris Whatman, Denny Wells. Collaboration between the NZ Breakers (Sports Science and Medical staff), SPRINZ researchers and industry partners, Catapult Sports. The project will monitor player load with the NZ Breakers professional basketball team.

Project title: Review of physical fitness requirements and assessments for Auckland Airport Emergency Services.
Team members: Kelly Sheerin, Matt Wood, Andrew Kilding.
The project has involved industry consultation and research on the assessment of occupational physical standards. We have been required to conduct a comprehensive job demands analyses, and subsequent development and validation of physical test batteries. The industry reports for this research are:
Sheerin, K., Wood, M., Kilding, K., 2017. Airport Emergency Services
Physical Training Review. Phase 1 Report.
Sheerin, K., Wood, M., Kilding, K., 2017. Airport Emergency Services
Physical Training Review. Phase 2 Report.

Project News 
PhD student Brian Russell’s PhD focuses on fatigue assessment to compute mission readiness using
machine learning.