Student Profiles

Bryce Hastings (MPhil)
Topic: An investigation into the injury incidence and training habits of group fitness instructors via a retrospective database analysis.
Supervisors: Duncan Reid

Enora Le Flao (PhD Candidate)
Head impacts monitoring in sports: Development of new methods for the analysis of acceleration signals.
Patria Hume, Doug King.

Josh McGeown (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Concussion in Rugby – risk factor reduction
Supervisors: Patria Hume, Ken Quarrie,  Alice Theadom

Jody McGowan (MPhil)
Early specialisation, training volumes and musculoskeletal injury in youth athletes in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Chris Whatman, Simon Walters

Chloe McKenzie (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The effects of handheld loading on horizontal jumping biomechanics and performance.
Supervisors: Chris Whatman, Matt Brughelli, Simeon Cairns.

Stephven Kolose (PhD Candidate)
Topic: 3D body scanning in military kinanthropometry.
Supervisors: Patria Hume, Stephen Legg.

Seth Lenetsky (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Assessing and enhancing punching performance in combat sports athletes
Supervisors: Matt Brughelli, Roy Nates, Nigel Harris

Brian Russell (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Fatigue assessment to compute mission readiness using machine learning
Supervisors: Patria Hume, Stacy Sims, Andrew McDaid

Kelly Sheerin (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Real-time visual gait retraining to reduce tibial acceleration and tibial stress injury risk in runners.
Supervisors: Duncan Reid, Thor Besier, Denise Taylor.

Lubos Tomsovsky (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Injury Prevention in Futsal: a randomised controlled trial.
Supervisors: Chris Whatman, Duncan Reid, Patria Hume