Research Activity

Project title:  Development of a smart biosensor for athlete monitoring.
Team members: A/Prof Andrew Kilding, A/Prof Andrew Lowe (Engineering).
Aim: The project is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise and aims to develop and validate a smart biosensor for use in health, fitness and sport applications.

Project title: Wearable resistance garments and endurance performance.
Team members: Dr Daniel Plews, A/Prof Andrew Kilding, Prof John Cronin.
Aim: The project is funded by industry and aims to determine the physiological and performance effects of acute and chronic use of wearable resistance garments in endurance sports.

Project title: Review of physical fitness requirements and assessments for Auckland Airport Emergency Services.
Team members: Kelly Sheerin, Matt Wood, A/Prof Andrew Kilding.
Aim: The project has involved industry consultation and research on the assessment of occupational physical standards. The project conducted a comprehensive job demands analyses, and subsequent development and validation of physical test batteries.