Student Profiles

Edward Ashworth (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Rapid Heat Acclimation Strategies for use in the Military
Andrew Kilding, Jim Cotter

Jessica Bush (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Quantifying Training Intensity and Maximizing Performance for Elite Sprint Kayak Athletes
Paul Laursen, Andrew Kilding

Michael Dessoulavy (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Analytical methods of assessing and quantifying training loads and sports performance
Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Paul Laursen, Rita Malcata

Allaster Field (Masters of Sport and Exercise)
Topic: Acute metabolic effects of lower limb loading during submaximal running using wearable resistance in trained endurance runners
Supervisors: Daniel Plews, Nicholas Gill

Catherine (Kate) Haswell (DHSc Candidate)
Topic: Clinical intervention for scoliotic list with muscle strength loss due to lumbo-sacral radiculopathy
Supervisors: Simeon Cairns Mike McGuigan

Lauren Keaney (PhD Candidate)
Topic: How can we keep New Zealand athletes healthy in the lead up to pinnacle events
Supervisors: Deborah Dulson, Andrew Kilding

Ed Maunder (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Metabolic implications of environmental heat stress for endurance athletes
Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Daniel Plews

Andrius Ramonas (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Nutrient availability manipulation strategies to maximise endurance performance
Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Paul Laursen

Dave Shaw (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The effect of ketogenic diets on immunity and performance in endurance athletes.
Supervisors: Deborah Dulson, Fabrice Merien

Anna Skipper (Masters of Sport and Exercise)
Topic: The physiological responses of functional limb weighting in cycling
Supervisors: Dan Plews and Andrew Kilding

Khine Thida (Masters of Sport and Exercise)
Topic: Does long term low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) consumption compared to high carbohydrate low fat (HCLF) consumption significantly affect the immune system following exercise?
Supervisors: Deborah Dulson, Andrew Kilding