Mike McGuigan

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Professor, Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand

Phone: 921 9999 ext 7580

Email: michael.mcguigan@aut.ac.nz


AUT-Millennium Campus


AUT University
Private Bag 92006
Internal Mail Code: P-1


  • BPhEd (Hons), Otago
  • PhD (Southern Cross University)
  • CSCS

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Senior Associate Editor, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning
  • Associate Editor,  International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

Teaching Areas

Strength and Conditioning

Athletic Conditioning

Exercise Prescription

Research Areas

  • Strength and power development
  • Assessment and monitoring of training in high performance athletes

Research Summary

The majority of my research has been in the areas of strength and power development and monitoring of training in athletes. I have also conducted research projects on the use of resistance training for special populations such as children and older adults. I have published a number of research articles on the use of session rating of perceived exertion as a monitoring tool for athletes and other populations. 

Current Research Projects

  • The effects of eccentric training on strength and power in high performance athletes (with PhD students, Lee Bridgeman and Jamie Douglas)

  • The effects of tapering in strength sports (with PhD student, Hayden Pritchard)

  • The role of strength and power in change of direction performance (with PhD student, Frank Bourgeois)

  • The effect of strength development on power production capabilities and performance of sprint track cyclists (with Masters student, James Vercoe)

  • Muscle-tendon unit mechanical and morphological contribution to performance in elite rowers (with PhD student, Ryan Turfrey)

  • Relationship between training load and injury risk in elite tennis players (with PhD student, Emily Fanning)

  • Comparison of periodization models to develop muscular endurance in adolescents (with PhD student, Shankaralingam Ramalingam)

Postgraduate Completions (since 2012)

  • Trent Lawton, PhD (2012): Strength testing and training of elite rowers

  • Travis McMaster, PhD (2013): Methods for assessing, monitoring and improving athletic performance

  • Kyle Barnes, PhD (2013):  Strategies to improve running economy in New Zealand runners and triathletes

  • Brodie Hewlett, Masters (2014): Relationships between hip range of motion, sprint kinematics and kinetics in track and field athletes

  • Jessica Dent, PhD (2014): The hormonal, inflammatory and molecular response to concurrent repeated-sprint and resistance exercise in female team-sport athletes

  • James De Lacey, Masters (2014): The effects of tapering on power output and performance variables in professional rugby league players

  • Ryan Turfrey, Masters (2014): Magnitude of Postactivation Potentiation response in elite rowers

  • Dani MacDonald, PhD (2015): Optimizing performance in fielding and wicket-keeping: a performance analysis and conditioning perspective
  • Rebecca Dowse, Masters (2015): The effects of a training intervention on strength, power and performance in adolescent dancers
  • Marissa Downes, PhD (2016): The effects of increasing body weight support on gait kinematics and tibial shock during treadmill running
  • Damian Wiseman, PhD (2016):  Individual and event-specific considerations for optimisation of performance in Track Sprint Cycling
  • Caleb Dobbs, PhD (2016): Understanding and optimising vertical and horizontal force production for performance in team sport athletes



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  • National Strength and Conditioning Association William J. Kraemer Most Outstanding Sports Scientist Award 2016
  • Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Editorial Excellence Award 2010
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Outstanding Young Investigator Award 2007