Student Profiles

Phil Brady (MPhil Candidate)
Countermovement jump force time characteristics and their relationship to athletic performance
Supervisors: Eric Helms,John Cronin and Travis McMaster

Micheál Cahill (PhD Candidate) 
The effectiveness of resisted sprinting to improve acceleration in adolescent athletes
Supervisors: John Cronin, Jonathon Oliver

Tracey Clissold (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Can the implementation of a quantified jump training programme benefit bone health in premenopausal women?
Supervisors: John Cronin, Paul Winwood, Mary Jane de Souza

Daniel Cooke (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The Effects of Sensorimotor Skill Training on Movement Skill Development Within A Primary School Setting
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, John Cronin

Emanuele D'Artibale (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Optimising Motorcycle Road Racing Performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Phil London

James Douglas (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Improving the ability to produce muscular force per unit time
Supervisors: John Cronin

Emily Fanning (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Relationship between training load and injury risk in elite tennis players
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan, Andrew Kilding

Erin Feser (PhD Candidate)
The effects of lower-extremity wearable resistance (WR) on sprint acceleration training
Supervisors: John Cronin, Kenneth Clark

Hayley Gilchrist (MSpEX Candidate)
Does the implementation of deceleration training optimise change of direction performance in club level rugby players?
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan, Nic Gill

Eric Harbour (MSE Candidate)
Topic: Kinetic Determinants of Kayak Sprint Performance
Jono Neville, Paul McAlpine

Wataru Hiramatsu (MSpEX Candidate)
Comparison of physical capacity between high level and low level contact groups in Rugby union players
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan

Ivan Jukic (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Implementation of the absolute velocity cut-offs during resistance training
Supervisors: Eric Helms, John Cronin

Kedric Kwan (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Assessing autoregulation strategies for fatigue management and performance enhancement in energy restricted powerlifters
Supervisors: Eric Helms, Adam Storey, Brandon Roberts

Paul Macadam (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Quantifying over ground sprint-running rotational workload with wearable resistance using inertial sensors
Supervisors: John Cronin, Jono Neville

Joey McGrath (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Can a low-cost IMU in combination with machine learning accurately measure fast-bowling workload in cricket?
Jono Neville, Paul Winwood, John Cronin

Samuel McKenzie (MSpEC Candidate)
Topic: Secondary school first XV rugby players' perceptions of the coaching environment: A qualitative descriptive study
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Simon Walters

Dustin Oranchuk (PhD Candidate) 
Topic: The effect of eccentric quasi-isometric training on muscle morphology and performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Adam Storey, Andre Nelson

Gabrielle Peach (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The role of strength and conditioning in youth motor development
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, John Cronin

Andrew Pichardo (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The benefits of resistance training with or without weightlifting for athletic development in youth males
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Jon Oliver, Peter Maulder, John Cronin

Shankaralingam Ramalingam (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Comparison of periodization models to develop muscular endurance in adolescents
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan, Deborah Dulson

Michael Schofield (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Understanding which kinematics and kinetic variables are important in improving shotput and discus performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Kim Hebert-Losier, Angus Ross

Anthony Sharp (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The use of triple and quintuple hops in physical performance profiling
Supervisors: John Cronin, Jono Neville

Kim Simperingham (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Enhancing sprint running performance in team sport athletes
Supervisors: John Cronin, Angus Ross

Lesley Sommerfield (PhD Candidate) 
Topic: The effect of a school based injury prevention programme on lower extremity injury risk and performance in youth females
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Chris Whatman, Peter Maulder

Colby Sousa (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Implementation of a Power Day to Improve Performance and Recovery
Supervisors: Eric Helms, Adam Storey, Michael Zourdos

Alyssa-Joy Spence (PhD Candidate)

Topic: Relationship between maximal strength and flexibility in highly trained strength athletes
Supervisors: Michael McGuigan, Erica Helms

Richard Sylvester (PhD Candidate)
Transfer of cyclic vs acyclic strength to 10m performance throughout growth and maturation in female athletes
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, John Cronin

Farhan Tinwala (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Development of a 2D purpose built eccentric loading machine
Supervisors: John Cronin, Enrico Haemmerle, Angus Ross

Kaushik Talukdar (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Optimization of sprint performance in young female athletes
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Michael McGuigan

Aaron Uthoff (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Long-term implications of an applied linear speed development model in youth
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Jon Oliver

Casey Watkins (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Methods of improving speed and power in semi-professional and professional rugby union players
Supervisors: Adam Storey, Nic Gill, Michael McGuigan