Student Profiles

Phil Brady (MPhil Candidate)
Countermovement jump force time characteristics and their relationship to athletic performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Travis McMaster, Eric Helms

Micheál Cahill (PhD Candidate) 
The effectiveness of resisted sprinting to improve acceleration in adolescent athletes
Supervisors: John Cronin, Jonathon Oliver

Tracey Clissold (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Can the implementation of a quantified jump training programme benefit bone health in premenopausal women?
Supervisors: John Cronin, Paul Winwood, Mary Jane de Souza

Emanuele D'Artibale (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Optimising Motorcycle Road Racing Performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Phil London

Emily Fanning (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Relationship between training load and injury risk in elite tennis players
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan, Andrew Kilding

Erin Feser (PhD Candidate)
The effects of lower-extremity wearable resistance (WR) on sprint acceleration training
Supervisors: John Cronin, Kenneth Clark

Hayley Gilchrist (MSpEX Candidate)
Does the implementation of deceleration training optimise change of direction performance in club level rugby players?
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan, Nic Gill

Wataru Hiramatsu (MSpEX Candidate)
Comparison of physical capacity between high level and low level contact groups in Rugby union players
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan

Paul Macadam (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Quantifying over ground sprint-running rotational workload with wearable resistance using inertial sensors
Supervisors: Jono Neville, John Cronin

Dustin Oranchuk (PhD Candidate) 
Topic: The effect of eccentric quasi-isometric training on muscle morphology and performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Adam Storey, Andre Nelson

Andrew Pichardo (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The benefits of resistance training with or without weightlifting for athletic development in youth males
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Jon Oliver, Peter Maulder, John Cronin

Shankaralingam Ramalingam (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Comparison of periodization models to develop muscular endurance in adolescents
Supervisors: Mike McGuigan, Deborah Dulson

Michael Schofield (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Understanding which kinematics and kinetic variables are important in improving shotput and discus performance
Supervisors: John Cronin, Kim Hebert-Losier, Angus Ross

Anthony Sharp (PhD Candidate)
Topic: The use of triple and quintuple hops in physical performance profiling
Supervisors: Jono Neville, John Cronin

Kim Simperingham (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Enhancing sprint running performance in team sport athletes
Supervisors: John Cronin, Angus Ross

Lesley Sommerfield (PhD Candidate) 
Topic: The effect of a school based injury prevention programme on lower extremity injury risk and performance in youth females
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Chris Whatman, Peter Maulder

Richard Sylvester (PhD Candidate)
Transfer of cyclic vs acyclic strength to 10m performance throughout growth and maturation in female athletes
Supervisors: Craig Harrison, John Cronin

Farhan Tinwala (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Development of a 2D purpose built eccentric loading machine
Supervisors: John Cronin, Enrico Haemmerle, Angus Ross

Kaushik Talukdar (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Optimization of sprint performance in young female athletes
Supervisors: Craig Harrison and Michael McGuigan

Aaron Uthoff (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Long-term implications of an applied linear speed development model in youth
Supervisors: John Cronin, Jon Oliver, Craig Harrison

Casey Watkins (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Methods of improving speed and power in semi-professional and professional rugby union players
Supervisors: Adam Storey, Nic Gill, Michael McGuigan