Student Profiles

Javeed Ali (MPhil)
How does the thinking of youth sport parents and leaders change following the Good Sports intervention?
Sarah-Kate Millar, Patricia Lucas.

Luigi Bercades (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Using ecological dynamics to explore expertise-appropriate practice pedagogies for the Taekwondo Roundhouse kick.
Supervisors: Tony Oldham, Roy Nates, Willy Pieter.

Alana Coombe (PhD Candidate)
Understanding tactical skills of elite Netballers.
Sarah Kate Millar, Chris Button, Tony Oldham.

Kath Godber (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Sport and education attainment of talented female athletes in New Zealand secondary schools.
Supervisors: Lynn Kidman, Kirsten Spenser, Alan Ovens.

Loretta Hogg (Masters of Sport and Exercise)
Topic: Pathways to the Paralympic Games: Exploring the sporting journeys of high performance Para athletes with a limb deficiency.
Supervisors: Sarah-Kate Millar.

Ray Holllingsworth (PhD Candidate)
Topic: Reflections on transformation: a visual narrative inquiry into how New Zealand outdoor educators construct programmes to address (non-religious) spiritual growth.
Supervisors: Lynn Kidman, Jennifer Nikolai.

Sierra Keung (PhD Candidate)
Topic: A retrospective examination of the psychosocial development of elite Rugby League players.
Supervisors: Sarah Kate Miller, Lynn Kidman.

Vincent Minjares (PhD Candidate)

Topic: Uncovering conceptions of learning across sport and school among marginalized youth.
Supervisors: Lynn Kidman, Jane Gilbert.

Andy Mount (MPhil)
Topic: New Zealand high school students' perceptions of the value of Outdoor Education experiences:
A case study.
Supervisor: Simon Walters.

Reon Sadiman (Masters of Sport and Exercise)
Topic: Children’s experiences of sport: A case study.
Supervisors: Simon Walters, Adrian Farnham.