Human Potential Centre Alumni

2018 Masters:

Adrian McPherson: Investigating the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cognition in Children.

2018 MPhils:

Mark Harris: The Influence of Subjective Training Load on Injury and Illness in Elite Track Cycling

2016 PhD's
Julie Bhosale: Associations among children’s independent mobility, physical activity and key cardio-metabolic risk factors.

Catherine Crofts: Hyperinsulinaemia: Diagnosis and management principles for diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

Lari Dkhar: To determine the effects of a school-based free play intervention on physical and psychological health in primary aged children.

Lucy Hone: Influence of exercise environment on wellbeing.

Greig Logan: How much vigorous-intensity physical activity do New Zealand adolescents participate in and is high intensity training a useful strategy to achieve cardio-metabolic health benefits and increase physical activity adherence in 'at risk' youth?

2015 PhD's:
Jule Kunkel: A healthy lifestyle campaign by-youth-for-youth: the challenge of empowerment and the potential of collaboration.

2015 Masters:
Simon Chatterton: Does an 8 week low carbohydrate high fat diet affect maximal strength performance, body composition and diet acceptability in competitive Olympic and power weightlifters?

Julia McPhee: Exploring the acceptability of, and adherence to, a carbohydrate-restricted, higher fat diet as an instrument for weight loss in women aged 40-55 years. (Master of Public Health)

Colm Woulfe-Felix: The cute physiological effects of strongman training. (MSE)

Amanda Reid : Wellbeing in New Zealand: a reliability and validity study of the New Zealand Sovereign Wellbeing Index. (MPhil)

2014 PhD's:
Saeideh Aminian: Sedentary behaviour in New Zealand primary school children.

Lisa Mary Mackay: Physical activity profiling of New Zealand adults: a study of adults with and without young children.