SKIPP Alumni

2018 PhD's

Seth Lenetsky: Assessing and enhancing punching performance in combat sports athletes.

2018 MPhils

Bryce Hastings: An investigation into the injury incidence and training habits of group fitness instructors via a retrospective database analysis.

Jody McGowan: Early specialisation, sport participation volume and musculoskeletal injury in early adolescent New Zealand children.

2015 PhD's

Doug King: Sports-related concussions in New Zealand amateur rugby union and league: Identification, Assessment and Impact forces involved.

2014 PhD's

Stephen Hollings: The transition from elite junior athlete to successful senior athlete – implications for athletics high performance programmes.

Anna Lorimer: Evaluating stiffness of the lower limb 'springs' as a multifactorial measure of achilles tendon injury risk in triathletes.

Sarah-Kate Millar: Interpersonal and extrapersonal coordination in high performance rowing.

2014 Masters

Paul Davey (2013-2014): The effect of paramedic position on external chest compression quality: A simulation study. (MSE)

2013 PhD's

Lisa McDonnell: The effect of stroke rate on performance in flat-water sprint kayaking.

2013 Masters

Erin Bowerman: Risk factors for overuse injury in elite adolescent ballet dancers. (MSE)

Stephen Kara: Injuries in professional rugby union: A study of five years of injury data with training loads and travel as co-variates. (MSE)

2012 PhD's

Boris Bacic: Automated assessment of tennis swing performance: Transfer of qualitative analysis to machine learning and back to coaching feedback.

Rodrigo Bini: The effects of cycle saddle position on knee joint load of injured and uninjured athletes: Implications for performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

2012 Masters

Kelly Sheerin: The variability of potential lower limb clinical and gait measures for injury risk assessment in young athletes. (MSE)

2011 PhD's

Matthew Kritz: Movement Competency Assessment Battery (MCAB): Development and evaluation of kinematic procedures for valid and reliable estimation of faulty movement patterns in athletes.

Chris Whatman: Physiotherapy screening of lower limb function.

2011 Masters

Mark Jones: Understanding the influence of perceived risk on decision making for participation in outdoor education activities in New Zealand primary and intermediate schools. (MHSc)

2010 PhD's

Doug King: Injuries in rugby league: Incidence, dominance, influences and return to play decisions.

Bobbie Wilcox: Classification of player performance in netball using cluster analysis.

Peter Maulder: The association of joint coupling variability and muscle stiffness with lower limb injury occurrence: Biomechanical musculoskeletal markers of lower limb function and health.

Jennifer Coker: Using a boat instrumentation system to measure and improve elite rowing technique and set-up for on-water rowing performance.

Jennifer Hewit: Assessing and developing agility in netball players.

2009 PhD's

Simon Gianotti: The FREED framework for community sports injury prevention implementation in New Zealand.

Simon Pearson: Biomechanics and conditioning for performance enhancement in grinding.

2008 PhD's

Ken Quarrie: Epidemiology and prevention of rugby injuries in New Zealand.

2005 PhD's

Ian Renshaw: Perception in cricket.

2004 PhD's

Clara Soper: The effect of foot stretcher angle on rowing performance.

Erica Hinckson: Effect of simulated altitude exposure on sea-level performance.

Pornratshanee Weerapong: Pre-exercise strategies:  The effects of warm-up, stretching and massage on severity of muscle damage and performance.

2004 Masters

Mel Henderson: Biomechanical comparison of netball shooting technique: A six-week jump training intervention. (MSE)

2003 Masters

Simon Pearson: Power output of America's Cup grinders can be improved with a biomechanical technique intervention. (MSE)