Sport Leadership & Management Alumni

2018 PhD's

Shima Behnoosh: Celebrity athlete endorsement and social marketing: Promoting participation in sport and physical activity

2018 Master of Philosophy

Susan Emerson: Access to informal leadership opportunities for secondary school students

2018 Master of Sport and Exercise

Scott Crawford: Sports club capability: Leadership and governance assessment and development

2018 Master of Business

Nicole Manuela:The benefits of sports-based positive youth development programmes in low SES areas

2017 Master of Sport and Exercise

Philippa (Pip) Thomas: The effect of an adult behaviour intervention on children’s experiences of youth sport

Siona Fernandes: When culture speaks: Indian immigrant families participation in sport and physical activity

2016 Master of Business

Javeed Ali: Awareness of Sport Sponsorship in New Zealand: A Multi-Context Approach

2015 PhD's

Chloe Lau: The role of migrants in the host community as mega sporting event stakeholders: Chinese-New Zealanders and the Rugby World Cup 2011.

2014 PhD's

Anna Gerke: The relationship between interorganisational behaviours and innovation within sport clusters (University of Paris Sud).

Byungseok Kang: Online endurance sport communities and knowledge sharing behaviour.

2013 PhD's

Kim Werner: Mega-events and the development of collaborative capacity between and amongst destination management organisations.

2013 Master of Business

Johnston, M: The legitimating effects of hosting world championship events for national sports organisations.

2012 PhD's

Mowbray, D: Searching for the "mythical unicorn" - The missing link between boards of directors and organisational effectiveness.

Michelle Cox: Responsibility for children's physical activity.

2012 Master of Business

Luck, M: The impact of education and employment on the sport-related drinking motives of professional footballers: A study of National Rugby League players.

2012 Master of Philosophy

Katharine Hoskyn: Major sports events and their ability to benefit local sports clubs: A case study of the Auckland professional tennis tournaments.

2011 Master of Philosophy

Catherine Crofts: The ability of female-only triathlon events to facilitate sustained physical activity increases in adults who were previously insufficiently active or sedentary.

Kim Kwok: Tactical coaching innovations – A grounded theory approach.

2010 Master of Business

Trevor Meiklejohn: The formation, processes and impact of interorganisational cliques: A study of New Zealand provincial rugby.

Ann Tidey: Social capital production: Sport event volunteer perceptions and impacts.

2008 Master of Business

Cleary, P: National Sporting Organisations and private franchise relationships: A New Zealand comparative case study of inter-organistional learning.

2008 BHSc (Hons)

Kate Elliott: The effect of sport participant satisfaction in determining a favourable attitude towards the naming-rights sponsor.

2006 Master of Business

Jenkins, C: Corporate governance, leader-member exchanges, and board performance of nonprofit organisations: A replication and extension.

Sweeney, B: The influence of brand image and reputation on sustained competitive advantage.

Grant, N: New sports teams and the development of brand community.