Strength & Conditioning Alumni

2018 PhD’s

Jamie Douglas: Eccentric training and elite athlete performance

Frank Bourgeois: The role of strength and power in change of direction performance.

Brenda Costa-Scores: Equipment-related injury prevention initiatives in alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Josh Trewin: Environmental and match factors affecting physical performance in soccer.

2018 Masters

Anita Chau: The effects of 8-week training programme of plyometric and ballistic training on female golfers’ physical characteristics and drive performance.

Kechi Anyadike-Danes: The effect of shoulder girdle and hip extensor strength training on sprint and hitting performance in hockey players.

Shane Crowhen: The impact of post-activation potentiation, recovery time, and re-activation protocols on neuromuscular performance in freestyle snow sport athletes.

Megan Gibbs: Monitoring of the vertical jump throughout a netball season and implications for performance.
Supervisor: Mike McGuigan

Stephen Prescott: The effects of repeated high intensity Wattbike sprints on lower body horizontal power and power endurance in rugby union players.

2015 PhD's

Danielle MacDonald: Performance analysis of fielding and wicket-keeping in cricket to inform strength and conditioning practice.

Alex Ross: The characterization and development of performance in rugby sevens.

Paul Winwood: Strongman implements training: applications for strength and conditioning practice.

2015 Masters

Rebecca Dowse: The effects of a training intervention on strength, power and performance in adolescent dancers. (MSE)

Caleb Marriner : The biomechanical and nuromuscular influence of weighted vest resistance on the performance of the power clean in resistance trained adults opposed to competitive athletes. (MSE)

Michael Scholfield: The effect of Olympic and traditional resistance training on golf club head speed in elite amateur golfers. (MSE)

Bryan Stronach: Physical conditioning program for fast bowlers: The research and expert opinion. (MPhil)

2014 PhD's

Travis McMaster: Methods of assessing, monitoring and improving strength and ballistic performance in highly trained rugby union players.

2014 Masters

Kaushik Talukdar: The role of rotational mobility and power in predicting throwing velocity. (MSE)

2013 PhD's

Matt Kritz: Development of "movement competency" based assessment battery and application to developmental athletes.

Cesar Meylan: Long term athlete development – windows of trainability for strength and power development.

2013 Masters

Eric Helms: The effects of two protein intakes on lean body mass and performance in lean weight lifters during a hypoenergetic diet.

Guy Mothersole: Ground reaction force profiles of specific jump-landing tasks in females: Development of a systematic and progressive jump-landing model.

Sofyan Sahrom: Understanding the stretch-shorten cycle across maturation.

2012 PhD's

Kier Hansen: High- versus low-load training for lower body muscular power: effect of load and rest periods on mechanical and hormonal profiles and rating of perceived exertion in elite athletes.

Trent Lawton: Development of valid and reliable strength and power measures for rowing.

Michael Rumpf:  Long-term athlete development – windows of trainability for speed development speed.

2012 Masters

Brodie Hewlett: Relationships between hip range of motion, sprint kinematics and kinetics in track and field athletes
. (MSE)

James DeLacey: The effects of tapering on power output and performance variables in professional rugby league players. (MSE)

Ryan Turfrey: Influence of athlete experience modulating Postactivation Potentiation response in elite rowers
. (MSE)

2011 PhD's

Jennifer Hewitt: Agility performance in Netball players.

Simon Pearson: Biomechanics and conditioning for the enhancement of grinding performance in America's Cup sailing.

Aaron Randell: The effect of kinematic and kinetic feedback on strength and power adaptation.

2011 Masters

Adam Godfrey: The effect of different rest intervals on the kinematics and kinetics of jump squat performance.

Nick Webb: Recovery strategies for high intensity intermittent contact sports.

2010 Masters

Teresa Ogden : Time motion analysis of touch rugby.

Daniel Lavipour: Balance and proprioception training in netball.

2009 PhD's

Nigel Harris: Kinetics and kinematics of strength and power development.

2009 Masters

Travis McMaster: Effect of resistance mode on squat and jump kinematics and kinetics.

2003 - 2007 Masters

Kevin Sheehy (2007): The acute effects of weight training on softball throwing velocity.

Ian Wilcock (2006): The effect of water immersion, active recovery and passive recovery on repeated bouts of explosive exercise and blood plasma fraction.

Shantelle Bliss (2005): Bicycle seat designs and their effect on seat and handlebar pressure in male and female cyclists and comfort and stability in experienced, novice, male and female cyclists on a non-stationary bicycle.

Jamie Denton (2005): The kinematic, kinetic and blood lactate profiles of continuous and intra-set rest loading schemes

Michelle Nash (2005): The effect of vibration and static stretches on dynamic knee range of motion and lower limb function.

Lisa Weaver (2005): Balance in netballers.

Blair Crewther (2004): The mechanical, hormonal and metabolic responses to two resistance loading schemes.

Greg Owen (2004): The influence of whole body vibration on knee extensor stiffness and functional performance.

Johnny Claxton (2004): The pre-event preparation routine: the role of stretching.

Kier Hansen (2003): A kinematic analysis of acute and longitudinal adaptations to resisted sprinting.