ISBS 2018

Welcome to the 36th International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports 2018, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, 10-14 September 2018.

The conference is located at the Sir Paul Reeves Building, 55 Wellesley Street East, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) City Campus, Auckland.

The ISBS conference is hosted in partnership between AUT, AUT Millennium, High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

The purpose of the conference is to facilitate knowledge exchange in sports biomechanics. The multi-disciplinary conference provides opportunities for delegates to experience AUT's technology, innovation and education programes, AUT Sport Performance Research Institute New Zealand's (SPRINZ) research and postgraduate applied work with elite to community athletes, HPSNZ's innovation and applied work with elite athletes, the AUT Millennium service-research-education nexus, and the ATEED-HPSNZ-AUT-AUTM Sport Technology Forum that is integrated into the conference.

Delegates will experience traditional Māori culture during the welcome, closing and social events of the conference.

Within the Māori karakia ‘tenei au tenei au’ is the line ‘te hōkai nei o taku tapuwae’ – the breadth of my stride as Tane ascends to the heavens to retrieve three baskets of knowledge. This embodies human movement and the pursuit of knowledge – the goals of ISBS.

The video introduces some of the planned highlights of the conference.

Register your interest

If you want to be kept informed about our news and main updates, please register your interest here. By filling out the form, you will also help us organise the conference!

Presentation preparation

All presentations need to be uploaded on our system by Monday September 10 at 2 pm. Please send your slides as soon as possible to The sooner, the better in order to ensure compatibility. A presenter ready room will be available during the week of the conference to make final arrangements if needed.

Oral podium

Oral podiums are 10 minute presentations in a theatre. There will be four presentations per session. Each presentation will last for 10 minutes. Each presenter will remain seated on the stage until the conclusion of the last presentation. Then the floor will be open to questions and answers, in a panel discussion format.

You can see an example of a PowerPoint presentation here. This is only an example; you are free to use a template of your choice (i.e your university template). We encourage the use of videos.

Poster presentations

Poster presentations will be a 1-minute (1-slide) pitch in a theatre, followed by you standing next to your poster. Posters do NOT need to be printed; we are an eco-friendly conference and are avoiding paper. All posters will be presented in PowerPoint format and displayed on digital screens.

You are required to prepare and send two PowerPoint presentations:

  • 1 slide, landscape format for the 1-minute pitch in the theatre, AND
  • 1 slide, portrait format for the digital screen

You can see an example of PowerPoint slides here (landscape 1-minute and portrait A0 for the screen). These are only examples; you are free to use a template of your choice (i.e your university template).

We encourage the use of videos into your posters to showcase your research. There will be a special SAMSUNG prize for the best ISBS digital poster use of video or other interactive technology, based on:

  • Visual appeal
  • Innovative
  • Use of biomechanics technology
  • Applied biomechanics

You must use embedded video files using formats supported by Microsoft PowerPoint: avi, mp4, mov, mpg, wmv. We cannot guarantee video formats outside of these will operate as intended. Embedded videos should be set to play automatically and loop continuously to enable continued display throughout the day. For advice on technical specifications, contact Dr Jono Neville.

Engaging your audience during your ISBS presentation - Dr Gillian Weir and Josh McGeown, Monday 10th September,  9:00-10:20 and 13:30-14:50.

We will be offering a workshop to help you prepare for your presentation on Monday, please register when you receive the workshops survey (August):

This workshop aims to provide delegates with tips and feedback as to how best present their research for the ISBS 2018 congress. This interactive workshop will help delegates to learn how to distill and communicate complex ideas, structure your narrative and how to best visualize your data. Participants are encouraged to bring their ISBS presentations to practice and receive constructive feedback.

Gillian Weir is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Massachusetts. She has been invited to do scientific presentations at Fremantle Dockers Football Club (AFL), West Coast Eagles Football Club (AFL), Shriners Hospital for Children, Hockey Australia and Rugby WA and has presented at a number of international conferences.

Key dates

9 July 2018

Registration closes for authors (midnight NZ time) (papers will be deleted from the programme and the proceedings if delegates are not registered).

31 Aug 2018

Late registration closes (midnight NZ time).

10 Sept 2018

ISBS 2018 Auckland conference opens.

14 Sept 2018

ISBS 2018 Auckland conference closes.


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Social media


Twitter: Please tag the official ISBS 2018 Twitter account, @ISBS_2018, in all tweets related to the event and use the hashtag #ISBS2018


Facebook: Please tag the ISBS 2018 (type the @ symbol and “ISBS2018 and the page should pop up if you have liked it) Facebook page on all posts related to the ISBS 2018 Conference, and feel free to post pictures of your events on the ISBS 2018 Conference page.

Kylie Robinson
ISBS 2018 Social Media Coordinator.

Conference Assistants

We have selected conference assistants who are fluent in a number of languages to help delegates before and during the ISBS 2018 conference:

Erika Ikeda - Japanese delegates liaison -

Eric Harbour - Spanish speaking delegates liaison -

Farhan Tinwala - Hindi speaking delegates liaison -

Aaron Uthoff - German and Spanish speaking delegates liaison -

Renata Bastos Gottgtroy - Portuguese speaking delegates liaison -

Albert Change - Chinese delegates liaison -

Japanese delegates liaison - Erika Ikeda - SPRINZ PHD student

We have appointed ISBS 2018 Student Assistant Erika Ikeda as the Japanese delegates liaison.  Please feel free to contact Erika if you have any questions via


Erika Ikeda

SPRINZ Research Associates

We also have a number of international SPRINZ Research Associates who can advise you on Auckland, AUT and AUT Millennium

SPRINZ Research Associate and Japanese Delegate - Dr Sayumi Iwamoto


I am very pleased to know that many Japanese researchers are participating in this conference. I am looking forward to lively discussions across national borders.


I am convinced that you will enjoy the great nature of New Zealand and the challenging spirit of Kiwi people inside and outside the conference hall.

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