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Papers are 4 pages which may count as a publication type in certain countries (see example of the Australian Higher Education Research Data Collection guidelines: E1 - CONFERENCE PUBLICATION - Full Paper, Refereed). Each paper will be:

  • Peer reviewed by two independent reviewers
  • Presented at the ISBS 2018 conference. Please note that in the case no presenting author is available to present during the conference, the paper will NOT be published in the Conference Proceedings. Please advise us early if you are not able to attend as there will be waiting listing for podium oral slots in the programme.
  • Published in full in the Conference Proceedings.

Submission and review timeline

1 Oct 2017
Paper submission opens, 1st call for papers
23 Apr 2018
Final day of paper submission: submit before the 23rd of April, midnight NZ time – There will be no extensions due to the reviewing process and allocation of papers to the programme.
21 May 2018
Delegates advised of paper presentation format (10-minute podium oral, or 1-minute poster presentation)

Please note we will review papers as they are submitted. If the planning of your trip depends on paper acceptance, please submit it as soon as possible.  We will let you know immediately after review if the paper is accepted.  We will advise on the 21st May (if not before) whether the paper will be in the podium oral sessions, or the poster sessions.

Submission instructions and paper template

Submitted articles cannot have been previously published, nor be forthcoming in an archival journal or book (print or electronic).

All papers must be prepared according strictly to the guidelines, and submitted as a Word document using this template, via the ISBS submission system (link below).

Incomplete or incorrect submissions will NOT be reviewed. We encourage early submission to ensure prompt confirmation and processing.

When submitting, you will choose which theme you would like your paper to be presented within (please refer to the Scientific programme page for the list of themes).

You will also indicate your preferred format, Podium oral or One-slide one-minute poster pitch oral and poster display.
You will also indicate if you wish your paper to be considered for the New Investigator Award (NIA). Please read the guidelines for the NIA on the ISBS website.

Submit your paper

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