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About ISBS

The ISBS is an international society totally dedicated to biomechanics in sports, whose primary purposes are:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas for sports biomechanics researchers, coaches and teachers.
  • To bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners.
  • To gather and disseminate information and materials on biomechanics in sports.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This conference is an eco-friendly sustainable conference.  Therefore all documents (programme, presentation schedule, papers, proceedings etc.) are ELECTRONIC ONLY. Please bring your digital device (e.g. phone, iPad, laptop etc.) so you can read the conference documents, and receive messages during the conference.

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ISBS 2018 Organising Committee

Planning and logistics
Patria Hume (Chair)
Jacqueline Alderson (Co-chair)
Barry Wilson (Co-chair)
Kelly Sheerin (Industry Partners Coordinator)
Enora Le Flao (Secretary)

Scientific Committee
Barry Wilson (Chair Scientific Committee)
Patria Hume (e-proceedings editor)
Jacqueline Alderson (Co-chair)
Young-Hoo Kwon (ISBS President)
Neal Smith (ISBS Vice-president Awards)

Applied Programme
Martin Dowson (Applied Programme Coordinator)
Allan Carman (Applied Programme Coordinator SPRINZ)
Simon Briscoe (Applied Programme Coordinator HPSNZ)

Student Programme
Josh McGeown (Student Programme Coordinator)
Enora Le Flao (Secretary & Student Programme Coordinator)
Gillian Weir (ISBS Student Representative)

Sports Technology Programme
Bridget Davey (ATEED)
Rosanne Ellis (Sports Technology Forum Co-Coordinator)
Amber Taylor (Sports Technology Showcase Co-Coordinator)
Jono Neville (Sports Technology Session Co-Coordinator)

Industry Partner Programme
Kelly Sheerin (Industry Partners Coordinator)
Laura-Anne Furlong (ISBS Vice-President Public Relations)

Venue And Events
Sarah Kate Millar (Event Coordinator)
Lisa McDonnell (Social Tours Coordinator) Lauren O’Connor (AUT Venue And Food Coordinator)
Debbie Zouch (AUT Millennium Venue And Food Coordinator)

Invited Guests
Mike Stanley (VIP Coordinator)

Māori Protocol & Events
Valance Smith (Māori Protocol And Event Coordinator)

Susannah Dalton (Media & Communication)

ISBS Specific Advice
Gerda Strutzenberger (ISBS Vice-President Conferences)
Elizabeth Bradshaw (Melbourne ISBS 2012 Conference Chair)
Wolfgang Potthast (Cologne ISBS 2016 Conference Chair)
Sarah Clarke (ISBS Vice-President Publications)

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