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Scientific Committee

Overall scheduling
Barry Wilson, SPRINZ, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Patria Hume, SPRINZ, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Academic quality
Jacqueline Alderson, University of Western Australia, Australia
ISBS quality
Young-Hoo Kwon, Texas Women's University, USA
Awards (NIA)
Neal Smith, University of Chichester, UK

Key speakers

Keynote panel sessions will include world leading biomechanists, coaches, athletes, sports medicine and sports science researchers and practitioners.

Mounir Zok

Mounir Zok

Mounir Zok is the Director of Technology and Innovation for the U.S. Olympic Committee.  He helps bring emerging technologies to Team USA. Zok’s expertise areas of wearable technology, smart textiles and fabric, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are of interest to sports biomechanists in their goal of improving sports performance. Zok’s keynote will stimulate biomechanists to think of new ways to help improve athlete’s results with technology.

Conference themes

  • Boat sports
  • Combat sports
  • Rugby and football codes
  • Gym sports
  • Triathlon sports
  • Implement sports
  • Citius (Faster - gait)
  • Altius (Higher - jumping)
  • Fortius (Stronger)
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Female biomechanics
  • Growth and aging
  • Motor control
  • Education
  • Technology/equipment
  • Computing/modelling
  • Methods

AUT Millennium Applied Sessions

AUT Millennium is the home of SPRINZ and HPSNZ where scientists, elite coaches and athletes work together to improve sport performance and reduce injury risk. The state of the art facilities will be used for the interactive sessions. Industry partners are encouraged to work with the ISBS 2018 organising committee early to secure a partnership for an applied session to showcase your companies’ products in interactive ways with the Olympic athletes, coaches and sport scientists. The applied programme will be held at the AUT Millennium precinct in Albany, north of Auckland, on 13 September. Buses will transport delegates from the city centre to the venue. Sir Graeme Avery, a founder of AUT Millennium, will attend the Sir Graeme Avery Event following the AUT Millennium Applied Sessions.

Applied Programme Committee

Overall scheduling
Martin Dowson, High Performance Sport New Zealand
HPSNZ components
Simon Briscoe, High Performance Sport New Zealand
Academic quality
Allan Carman, SPRINZ, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand


The workshops will be held on Monday 10 September at the AUT Conference Centre.  There are 12 one and a half hour workshops available.  Further details will be provided as industry partners confirm their sessions.  To date we have:

  • Research design and statistics – Prof Steve Marshall (USA)
  • Media communication science – Dylan Cleaver (NZ Herald)
  • Publishing – Steve McMillan (Springer)
  • Commercialisation & funding – Dr Philip Graham-Smith (Aspire)
  • AI challenges – Dr Boris Bacic (NZ)

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