Richard Wright

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Lecturer - Sport Management

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext. 7312


AF306, AUT North Shore Campus

Teaching Areas

  • Sport Entrepreneurship & Innovative Planning
  • Advanced Sports Event Management

Research Areas

  • Sports Event Legacies
  • Sports Tourism
  • Serious Leisure
  • Project/Problem-based learning

Research Summary

Dr Richard Keith Wright is the leader of the Graduate Programme in Sport and Exercise, which offers industry practitioners and university graduates the opportunity for professional development and a personalised pathway into postgraduate study.  Dr Wright is a member of the Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM) teaching and research group, specialising in advancement of sustainable sport and recreation events, social entrepreneurship and innovative planning. His research interests focus on the consumption and production of sustainable sports event legacies, and the role of serious leisure within sport, recreation and event tourism, particularly amongst university students and the active ageing (masters) community.. Dr Wright is a member of the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute and the AUT Centre for Active Aging. He has presented at over a dozen international conferences and had his research published in sport, event and tourism management journals and textbooks. Dr Wright is a strong advocate for the use of project and problem-based learning within Higher Education and has also called for a much a greater appreciation/acceptance of contemporary qualitative research methods within the study of sport and recreation management, especially those that share the researcher’s past experiences, including personal narratives, autoethnography and creative non-fiction. Off campus, Dr Wright continues to increase his industry understanding through regular sports event volunteering, and sits on the board of two regional sports organisations.

Current Research Projects

  • Leveraging sports event legacies within the land of the long white cloud: exploring the impact of New Zealand’s major event strategy on the international appeal of Aotearoa as a future host of the Olympics
  • Masters of their universe: exploring the movement and motivations of active aging athletes and participant sports event volunteers from a Serious Leisure perspective.
  • Taming the lions (again): exploring the evolution of the sports facilities and sports event tourism industry since the 2005 British and Irish Lions Tour.
  • Setting them up to fail: exploring the long-term costs and consequences of employing Project and Problem-based learning within a Higher Education setting


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