Jennifer Nikolai

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Head of Postgraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer

Phone: + 64 9 921 9999 ext. 7858



BA(Hons), MFA, PhD


Dr. Jennifer Nikolai is Head of Postgraduate Studies and a Senior Lecturer at AUT University. Her research as a contemporary dance practitioner, choreographer and teacher, ranges from early childhood development and dance, to dance performance and ageing. Her art practice spans mobile camera improvisation, motion capture screendance and Virtual Reality, as well as learning and teaching in a range of contexts.  She conducts research in Canada and New Zealand, her country of origin and her country of residency, respectfully. Jennifer lectures and supervises in the School of Sport and Recreation and in the School of Art and Design at AUT, Auckland, NZ. Jennifer lectures in the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation and supervises Masters and PhD students in a range of topics.    

Teaching Areas:

  • Leadership in sport and the outdoors
  • Contemporary issues (in sport)
  • Postgraduate supervision

Research Areas:

  • Motion capture and dance
  • Virtual reality and dance
  • Improvisation and choreography
  • Live and digital performance
  • Emergent art-practice
  • Dance and the ageing performer
  • Dance and risky play in early childhood
  • Learning and teaching

Research Summary:

My research is centred on the question of how 21st century digital technologies can support and inform the creation and presentation of dance, what I have come to call the ‘the camera-dancer dyad’. It is grounded in almost two decades’ experience as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, and is aimed towards expanding our understanding of how practitioners work collectively in the making of live and mediated performances. My approach is highly experimental and interdisciplinary, involving collaborations across institutions and companies in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada and Singapore.

My interest in working at the intersection between technology and performance was sparked during my MFA research at Simon Fraser University (Canada), where my choreographic project integrated improvisation, dramaturgy, text, dance and cameras. When I came to AUT in 2003, the availability of cutting edge technologies allowed me to deepen my investigations into what became my practice-based PhD thesis (2014) where I explored improvisational approaches to using the camera – in particular, hand-held and Go-Pro – as dramaturgical tools in interactive dance. I choreographed a live/digital performance ‘Girl with a Movie Camera’, a full-length live and digital media, staged piece.

Subsequently, my dance research has produced live and digital performances, chapters, screendance and key publications in prominent journals such as Screendance Int’l; Performance Enhancement and Health; and DANZ Aotearoa. Screen and VR works have been screened internationally at festivals in Canada, USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia and in New Zealand. A recent project, funded by the University of Alberta, involves a longitudinal practice-centred study of dance and ageing. Community-funded pilot studies on dance and risky play in early childhood settings are currently underway.  


Publications and performances
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  • AUT VC Excellence in Teaching Award: (Jennifer Nikolai and Linda Ashley) 2009
  • AUT VC Excellence in Teaching Award:Leadership in Sport and Recreation in the Outdoors (Gaye Bryham, Jennifer Nikolai, Katie Dee and Ray Hollingsworth) 2017