Andrew Kilding

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Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) Associate Professor - Exercise Physiology

Phone: + 64 9 921 9999 x 7056


AUT Millennium

17 Antares Place


Auckland 0632

AUT University
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142

Internal Mail Code: P-1


PhD (Sheffield), BSc (Teesside), PGCert Ed (Leeds Met)

Memberships and Affiliations

• Associate Editor, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 

• Member, European College of Sport Sciences



Teaching Areas

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Exercise Science

Research Areas

  • Strategies to enhance the performance of endurance runners

  • Pulmonary oxygen uptake kinetics and endurance performance

  • Physical and technical demands of team sports

  • Assessment and trainability of aerobic function in team sport athletes

  • Aerobic exercise and its effect on health outcomes in clinical and at-risk populations

Research Summary


My research interests are primarily focused on developing and assessing ways to enhance endurance (aerobic) performance – both in individual sports such as running, cycling and triathlon, but also in team sport athletes and clinical/at-risk populations.


Current Research Projects

  • Muscle stiffness and running economy in middle-distance runners

  • Development of small-sided games for young female footballers

  • Acute effects of exercise type on arterial health

  • Optimal heat acclimation strategies to maximize sprint-endurance performance

  • Effects of varying carbohydrate availability on endurance performance

  • Caffeine supplementation and immune responses to exercises


Peer Reviewed Articles (a selection only)

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