The Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) is New Zealand’s number one rated sports research institute. We are a group of dynamic and innovative researchers producing applied research in human health and sport performance. Each collaborative research group collectively contributes to the ever-expanding research, education and industry engagement.

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Included below are the research groups and interdisciplinary research activity:

Human Potential Centre

Sports Coaching
Sports Kinesiology and Injury Prevention
Sport Leadership and Management
Sports Performance Analysis
Sports Physiology and Nutrition
Sports Technology
Strength and Conditioning

Interdisciplinary Research

The SPRINZ Labs provide research and consultancy services.

AUT Millennium Clinics are for athletes and the community who are interested in accessing a range of services for improving sports performance and bridging the gap between the medical community and fitness industry.


SPRINZ is frequently profiled in the media in a variety of research and topical matters.


SPRINZ has a variety of industry scholarships that are available for AUT postgraduate students.We encourage our postgraduate students to apply early for scholarships.

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In this section we list our alumni postgraduate students by SPRINZ research groups.
We are proud of our SPRINZ alumni, who have been supervised by our research staff.