Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning Research Group aims to determine how best to assess and develop endurance, strength and power to improve performance in many different groups, ranging from youth to elite athletes.

We connect our postgraduate students with industry professionals looking to improve their performance or potential through the integration of theory into practice. Our staff and students work alongside those responsible for the design, development and delivery of strength and conditioning for sport performances at a local, regional, national and international level.

Our activities and students

Strength and conditioning has a large cohort of students involved in a wide variety of applied research. A substantial number of our students are involved in the four research themes below.

Research themes

  1. Rugby
  2. Youth physical development
  3. Strength and power training and profiling
  4. Wearable resistance training

Working closely with industry

The group also has a number of international and national partners that are involved in these research areas, some of which are providing PhD scholarships. For specific details of the research activity please visit the Strength and Conditioning staff and postgraduate student profiles.

  • Alyssa-Joy Spence (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Relationship between maximal strength and flexibility in highly trained strength athletes
    Supervisors: Michael McGuigan, Eric Helms
  • Andrew King (Masters Candidate)
    Topic: The Ergogenic Effect of Pre-Exercise Carbohydrate on High-Volume Resistance Training Performance
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Caryn Zinn
  • Anthony Sharp (PhD candidate)
    Topic: The use of triple and quintuple hops in physical performance profiling
    Supervisors: John Cronin, Jono Neville
  • Casey Watkins (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Plyometric dosing strategies and manipulation for improving sprint performance in rugby union players
    Supervisors: Adam Storey, Nicholas Gill, Michael McGuigan
  • Chloe Ryan (Masters candidate)
    Topic: Acute effects of different wearable resistance loading strategies on change of direction ability in elite female netball athletes
    Supervisor: Aaron Uthoff
  • Colby Sousa (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Implementation of a Low-Volume Power-Type Day to Improve Resistance Training Performance and Recovery
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Adam Storey, Michael Zourdos
  • Daniel Cooke (PhD candidate)
    Topic: How Does a Child-Environment Centered Pedagogical Approach to Physical Education Impact Movement Skill Learning in Children?
    Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Sarah-Kate Millar, Simon Walters
  • Emily Fanning (PhD candidate)
    Topic: The effects of strength and conditioning on the physical performance of junior tennis players
    Supervisors: Michael McGuigan, Andrew Kilding
  • Erin Feser (PhD candidate)
    Topic: The effects of lower limb wearable resistance on sprint running acceleration
    Supervisors: John Cronin, Kenneth Clark, Neil Bezodis
  • Frans Van Der Merwe (PhD Candidate)
    Topic: Physiological profiling, relative match-play demands, and training of youth hockey players
    Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Andrew Kilding
  • Gabrielle Peach (PhD candidate)
    Topic:  Resistance training and the development of motor competency in youth
    Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Jon Oliver
  • Hamish Kyne (Master's candidate)
    Topic: The effects of wearable resistance on jump diagnostics and performance
    Supervisors: John Cronin, Jono Neville
  • Ivan Jukic (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Velocity-based Training: Optimising Resistance Training Monitoring and Prescription for Enhanced Muscular Strength and Power Development
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Michael McGuigan, James Tufano
  • James Forster (Masters candidate)
    Topic: The effects of wearable resistance loading strategies on change of direction force-velocity characteristics
    Supervisors: Aaron Uthoff, Michael Rumpf
  • Kedric Kwan (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Assessing and optimising rapid weight loss strategies for the weight class restricted strength athlete
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Adam Storey, Brandon Roberts
  • Kieran McMinn (Masters candidate)
    Topic: The effect of lower-body wearable resistance training on measures of physical performance and injury resistance in elite male soccer athletes
    Supervisor: Craig Harrison
  • Kim Santabarbara (PhD Candidate)
    Topic: Female Hormonal Cycle Based Strength Training Programme Design
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Stacy Sims, Robert Borotkanics
  • Richard Sylvester (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Sprinting characteristics in youth female athletes across maturation
    Supervisors: Craig Harrison, Rhodri Lloyd, John Cronin
  • Robert Grant (Master's candidate)
    Topic: The Metabolic Effects of Limb Loaded Wearable Resistance at Varying Loads and Placements While Walking at a Moderate Intensity Supervisors: John Cronin, Carl Paton
  • Sohee Lee (PhD candidate)
    Topic: The Effect of Circui Training Versus Traditional Strength Training on Physiological and Psychological Responses in Women
    Supervisors: Eric Helms, Jamie Hibbert, Matthew Schubert
  • Tyler Jewell (Masters candidate)
    Topic: The effects of upper limb loading on kinematics during a vertical countermovement jump with rotation
    Supervisors: Aaron Uthoff, Erin Feser

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