SPRINZ Volunteer Internships

SPRINZ offers a variety of Volunteer Internships that are unpaid. This provides opportunities to University students who want to gain experience within the research and work-place environment as a volunteer intern.

SPRINZ Volunteer Internship areas:

*Human Potential Centre
*Sports Coaching
*Sports Performance Analysis
*Sport Leadership and Management
*Sports Technology
*Sports Physiology and Nutrition
*Sports Kinesiology and Injury Prevention
*Strength and Conditioning

Two areas of expertise currently seeking Volunteer Interns:

Sports Coaching
*6 month volunteer internship
*Project: Related to rowing and testing of modified equipment and training styles.
*Tasks: Biomechanical analysis of rowers and boats – use and understanding of excel is required.
Also tasks in the area of skill analysis in applied contexts.

Sports Performance Analysis
*6 month volunteer internship
*Project: “Training of Officials in Sport”
*Tasks: Involve assessment of officials, intervention, reassessment of officials. Would involve performance analysis – filming, coding, designing intervention and assessing effectiveness

If you are interested in applying for a Volunteer Internship with SPRINZ in either Sports Coaching, or Sports Performance Analysis or if you are interested in seeking an internship in any of the key expertise areas above, you will be required to complete the AUT School of Sport and Recreation Volunteer Internship Application form and submit this with two passport photographs and your curriculum vitae, including an academic transcript of your grades and English language ability test results of less than two years (e.g. IELTS academic module or TOEFL that tests your Reading Skills, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills and Writing Skills) for consideration.

Please note: due to the nature of the SPRINZ Volunteer Internships offered, a high standard of academic achievement is required, along with a professional work ethic.

Volunteer Internships in the AUT School of Sport and Recreation, SPRINZ are not paid ones, however,  if successful at being offered a SPRINZ Volunteer Internship, you will be required to pay a volunteer internship fee of between NZD$600 - $1,200. This is payable after your internship with SPRINZ begins.

Volunteer Internships generally take place during the months of February – November and are approx 6 - 12 months in duration.

For more information on Volunteer Internships and an application form contact:

Livvie Baudinet
Email: livvie.baudinet@aut.ac.nz