About Us


The Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) has the nations leading multi-disciplinary research team with an unrivalled record for producing high impact research related to improving human health, sports performance, and long-term athletic development.

Our promise is to further embed the strong relationship between postgraduate research students and industry professionals looking to improve performance and/or potential through new knowledge generation and improved practice. This is facilitated by staff and students at SPRINZ primarily working alongside those responsible for the design, development and delivery of sport performers/performances at a local, regional, national and international level, including athletes, administrators, coaches, managers, clubs and schools.

AUT Millennium, is also home to SPRINZ New Zealand's number one rated sports research institute. SPRINZ has world class laboratory facilities and an international reputation that attracts many overseas researchers and students to New Zealand. SPRINZ is unique in New Zealand and around the world in that:

  • It is a post graduate (PG) research facility with nearly 100 PhD and Masters thesis students.
  • The focus of the majority of the applied research is around sporting and human excellence.
  • Industry engagement is a focus of SPRINZ with over $500,000 of PG scholarships supplied by external partners.
  • AUT Millennium is also the home of High Performance New Zealand (HPSNZ) and the countries largest Olympic training facility. You would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world a more dynamic and evolving relationship of this nature between a University Research Institute and National High Performance Sport.
  • Within the facility it is not uncommon to see the developmental youth athlete training in the indoor area beside the countries Olympic or World champions in the HPSNZ gym, and the recreational gym users just two floors above. The opportunity to conduct research on different cohorts one advantage of such an environment.

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