Our labs

The SPRINZ laboratories are an integral part of the world-class facilities at AUT Millennium where staff and students can undertake a wide range of applied research activities using specialist equipment. The SPRINZ laboratories also enable our team to provide a range of services to the public and external organisations as part of AUT's commitment to engage with the wider community.

The laboratories include:

Sports Strength and Conditioning Laboratory

Research in the Sports Strength and Conditioning Lab focuses on developing a better understanding of strength, power, speed, agility, balance and movement competency. The equipment features a safe range of motion control, harnesses and magnetic braking systems to ensure the safety and comfort of research participants and New Zealand athletes.

Equipment includes:

  • A Humac Norm Isokinetic Dynomometer
  • Two Exerbotic strength machines
  • A Keiser Power Rack
  • A FT700 Power Cage and magnetic braking system
  • A non-motorised Woodway Treadmill
  • A Biodex Balance System and 200 Series and Accusway force plates for balance assessment and rehabilitation training
  • Five portable force plates, accelerometers, inertial measurement sensors, and linear position transducers for strength and power assessment
  • In-house, custom-designed technologies for varying performance assessments

Consultancy services are available through the Strength and Conditioning Clinic.

Strength and Conditioning Clinic

Sports Physiology Laboratory

The Sports Physiology Laboratory focuses on sport and exercise physiology research and athlete-based consultancy and includes specialist biochemistry facilities. The lab also serves an important role for High Performance Sport New Zealand.

The equipment can measure a range of cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and thermoregulatory responses to exercise. Assessment and analysis available at the lab include VO2 max, running economy, heart rate recovery, effects of hypoxia and force transducer analysis.

Equipment includes:

  • A large, high-speed (60 km/h) Cosmos Saturn Treadmill capable of accommodating bicycles and wheelchairs
  • Cycle ergometers that measure power output and torque
  • An environmental chamber capable of simulating hot (40 degree C), cold (5 degree C) and humid (90 %rH) conditions which will help New Zealand athletes prepare for competition in various weather conditions

The lab works closely with the Endurance Performance Clinic, which offers a wide range of services to athletes.

Endurance Performance Clinic

Sports Kinesiology, Injury Prevention and Performance Laboratory

The Sports Kinesiology, Injury Prevention and Performance (SKIPP) Laboratory includes the Running and Cycling Clinic.

Running and Cycling Clinic

Analysis and assessment available at the clinic include running mechanics and lower limb biomechanical screening, bike set-up and body composition analysis.

Equipment includes:

  • A Bertec Instrumented Treadmill
  • A Vicon 3D motion analysis system
  • Electromyography (EMG) equipment for measuring muscle activity

Running and cycling clinic

Sports Strength and Conditioning Laboratory
Sports Strength and Conditioning Laboratory
Sports Kinesiology, Injury Prevention and Performance Laboratory
Kinesiology, Injury Prevention and Performance Lab
Sports Immunology and Biochemistry Laboratory
The specialist biochemistry facilities at the Sports Physiology Laboratory

Our clinics

AUT Millennium is home to three world-class clinics that offer a range of services to athletes and the community.

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