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Lesley Ferkins
Grant Schofield
Human Potential Research Group Leader
Kelly Sheerin
Sports Kinesiology Injury Prevention and Performance Research Group Leader
Richard Wright
Sport Leadership and Management Research Group Leader
Andrew Kilding
Sports Physiology and Nutrition Research Group Leader
Jono Neville
Sports Technology Research Group Leader
John Cronin
Strength and Conditioning Research Group Leader
Kirsten Spencer
Youth Development Research Group Leader

Adjunct professors and other research associates

Adjunct professors are external individuals who provide global expertise through national and international research connections, and contribute meaningfully to an AUT teaching or research programme.

SPRINZ adjunct professors include:

Research associates are researchers from other universities and organisations who are actively involved in SPRINZ-related research, and who acknowledge they are a SPRINZ research associate in their joint publications and communications.

Research associates are appointed to help improve research capability and capacity and to promote cooperation with external researchers in related disciplines. They collaborate with SPRINZ on research projects, postgraduate supervision, and teaching, workshops and seminars.

SPRINZ research associates include:

  • Ms Christine Arthur, High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • Professor Thor Besier, The University of Auckland
  • Dr Marelise Badenhorst, Independent Contractor – Researcher, South Africa
  • Dr Rodrigo Bini, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Dr Frank Bourgeois ll, Athlete Training and Health, USA
  • Dr Liz Bradshaw, Australian Catholic University, Australia
  • Isaac Carlson, Accident Compensation Corporation, NZ
  • Professor Anis Chaouachi, High Institute of Sports and Physical Education, Tunisie
  • Dr Sian Clancy, Drug Free Sport, NZ
  • Dr Bret Contreras, B.C Athletics, USA
  • Dr Ryan Crotin, Los Angeles Angels, MLB, USA
  • Professor Lance Dalleck, Western State Colorado University, USA
  • Dr Emanuele D'Artibale, Self-employed, Italy
  • Associate Professor Geoff Dickson, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Associate Professor Justin Fernandez, The University of Auckland
  • Dr Mark Fulcher, Axis Sports Medicine Specialists and New Zealand Football
  • Dr Paul Gamble, Informed in Sport Publishing, Coaching and Consulting Prepared Athlete Training and Health, Canada
  • Associate Professor Nicholas Gill, University of Waikato
  • Dr Bruce Hamilton, High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • Associate Professor Mike Hamlin, Lincoln University, NZ
  • Dr David Hedlund, St John’s University New York
  • Dr Karen Hind, Durham University, UK
  • Dr Stephen Hollings, AUT Alumnus
  • Professor Sayumi Iwamoto, Toyo University, Japan
  • Helen Kilding, NZ Defence Force
  • Dr Doug King, Hutt Valley District Health Board, New Zealand
  • Dr Seth Lenetsky, Self-employed, Canada
  • Associate Professor Andrew McDaid, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Jody McGowan, Kinetics Physiotherapy (Senior Physiotherapist), NZ Rugby (Research Assistant)
  • Dr Chloe McKenzie, High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • Samuel McKenzie, AFL Australia
  • Professor Jean-Benoit Morin, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Dr Ian O’Boyle, University of South Australia, Australia
  • Dr Ken Quarrie, New Zealand Rugby
  • Dr Justin Richards, Sport New Zealand and University of Sydney
  • Dr Katie Rowe, Deakin University, Australia
  • Dr Michael Rumpf, Self-employed, Germany
  • Dr Brian Russell, Contempo Lab
  • Dr Michael Schofield, High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • Dr Daragh Sheridan, High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • Professor David Shilbury, Deakin University, Australia
  • Professor Sarah Shultz, Seattle University, USA
  • Dr Stacy Sims, DrStacySims, LLC; and ERW Ltd, NZ
  • Associate Professor Gary Van Guilder, Western Colorado University, USA
  • Dr Casey Watkins, Seattle University, USA
  • Dr Denny Wells, Logemas Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Dr Paul Winwood, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

Community associates are generally people from community organisations who may not be active researchers but are assisting with SPRINZ projects.

SPRINZ community associates include:

  • Dr Henry Duncan

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