Sports Physiology and Nutrition

Our Sports Physiology and Nutrition Research Group investigates the physiological responses and adaptations to exercise, and determines the efficacy and application of novel training, nutrition and ergogenic interventions to enhance sport performance.

Research themes

If you're interested in postgraduate study and research with us, contact the relevant theme leader listed above.

Our promise is to align our research activity with the needs of sports and organisations, and to connect our staff and postgraduate students with industry through our applied and relevant research.

Our activities and students

  • Training strategies to enhance running economy in endurance runners
  • Change of direction movement economy in team sport athletes
  • Application of wearable resistance garments to enhance endurance performance
  • Development of a smart-sensors for athlete monitoring
  • Manipulating diet to influence substrate utilisation and endurance performance
  • Female athlete health and low energy availability
  • Heat and its effect on substrate metabolism and training adaptation
  • Optimising heat acclimation for military performance
  • Ergogenic aids to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance
  • Tools to assess central and peripheral fatigue
  • Monitoring immune function in team sport athletes
  • How does diet influence immunity and performance in endurance athletes
  • Weight-class restricted strength sport nutrition
  • Nutrition to enhance resistance training performance
  • Nutrition to modify resistance training induced body recomposition
  • Andrius Ramonas (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Dietary manipulation strategies to maximise endurance adaptation and performance
    Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Paul Laursen, Mikki Williden
  • Catherine Haswell (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Clinical intervention for scoliotic list and muscle strength due to lumbo-sacral radiculopathy caused by disc herniation
    Supervisors: Simeon Cairns, Michael McGuigan
  • Ed Maunder (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Optimising exercise interventions for manipulation of fat balance
    Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Daniel Plews
  • Edward Ashworth (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Strategies for heat acclimatisation in military environments
    Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Daniel Plews, Jim D. Cotter
  • Jeffrey Rothschild (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Effects of Carbohydrate and Protein Ingestion on Adaptations to Endurance Training
    Supervisors: Daniel Plews, Andrew Kilding
  • Jessica Bush (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Impact of Resistance Training on the Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System Response in Elite Sprint Endurance Athletes
    Supervisors: Andrew Kilding, Daniel Plews, Paul Laursen