Youth Sport Development

The Youth Sport Development Research Group focuses on developing innovative independent learners who are agents of change, through facilitating athlete/student-centered learning, by applying theory to practice, being reflective practioners, understanding contextual learning, having self-awareness and valuing ongoing learning.

Research goals

  • To create a thriving postgraduate and research environment that combines academic and industry capability to benefit coach development and education, incorporating performance analysis and skill acquisition
  • To create positive change for sport organisations, coaches and athletes through extensive research and consulting
  • To strongly contribute to the positive culture and aspirations of Sport in NZ, SPRINZ and AUT's School of Sport and Recreation
  • To be known for excellent translation of theory into practice through meaningful collaborations.
  • To establish a dynamic teaching-research nexus
  • To be connected to community needs

Research pillars

  • Coach development and education
  • Athlete centred learning
  • Performance analysis
  • Skill acquisition

Our activities and students


  • New Zealand Rugby Concussion Project, Simon Walters, Sierra Keung
  • Exploring athlete pathways: Players, barriers and facilitators of talent development with Rugby League in New Zealand. Collaboration with Dr Donna O’Connor, Balin Cupples & Dr Stephen Cobley (all from the University of Sydney)
  • New Zealand Rugby League Coach Development resources: First roll out of resources in the first quarter of 2020. Simon Walters, Sierra Keung
  • World Rugby Project – Kirsten Spencer and Andrew Kilding – Performance analysis on injury
  • Touch NZ,(1) Evaluation of the Touch New Zealand’s “Communities Touched” Project, Kirsten Spencer and Tristan Brotherton. (2) The use and integration of the perceived value of performance analysis amongst coaches and players. Kirsten Spencer
  • NZ Warriors – provided performance analysis support for opposition profiling and team performance. Scott Lewis, Kirsten Spencer


  • Netball New Zealand ANZfuture Ferns Junior Coaching Programme, Kirsten Spencer
  • ANZ Netball Umpire Profiling – Kirsten Spencer collaborating with Dr Stuart Mcerlain-Naylor at UCS, England


  • Research investigating work place conditions on Performance Analysts and Strength & Conditioning Coaches in NZ and Australia, Kirsten Spencer in collaboration with Otago Polytechnic
  • NZ Canoe Slalom- Provided Performance Analyst for their training and selection events at Wero centre, Dev Patel, Kirsten Spencer


  • BVI Triathlon - Collaborated on a project ‘The relationship between serious leisure experience, leisure motivation and leisure satisfaction among BVI triathlon participants’. Kirsten Spencer, Richard Wright


  • Enhancing National Athlete Development Pathways and Participation Rates in New Zealand Cricket- Faculty research Investment Project. Simon Walters, Kirsten Spencer, Chris Whatman, Skate Millar, Craig Harrison


  • Ranfurly Trust – collaborated on the project Avenues 2 Independence: Codesigning rehabilitation and wellbeing resources for Contemporary Veterans. Kirsten Spencer, Richard Wright, Carolyn Cairncross, Brendan Wood, Kelly Blyth


  • NZ Hockey- provided performance analyst and GPS services for U18 NZ training camps, Auckland NHL teams and National NHL tournament. Jess Black, Kirsten Spencer


  • NZ Tennis – provided performance analysis support for Micheal Venus re training and competition. Joshua Pereira, Kirsten Spencer


  • Secondary School Sport Academies. Simon Walters, Sierra Keung
  • Alana Coombe (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Understanding the Tactical Decision Making of Elite Netballers
    Supervisors: Tony Oldham, Sarah-Kate Millar, Chris Button
  • Amanda B. Lees (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Ethical review and the research-teaching nexus: A case study of research ethics and the student voice in the scholarship of tertiary healthcare education
    Supervisors: Simon Walters, Rosemary Godbold, Lesley Ferkins
  • Dwayne Dundon (Master's candidate)
    An Autoethnographic Study of an Academic Experience in Sport
    Supervisors: Lynn Kidman
  • Dwayne Woolliams (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Dyadic Relationships in the Leadership of Sport Organisations
    Supervisors: Simon Walters, Kirsten Spencer, Lesley Ferkins
  • Hayden Croft (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Guiding coaches through complex multi-dimensional data sets during live sports matches
    Supervisors: Kirsten Spencer, John Cronin, Sam Robertson, Megan Gibbons
  • Keone Kaiser (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Training decision-making in softball umpires with 360° virtual reality.
    Supervisors: Kirsten Spencer, Kevin Sheehy, Simon Walters
  • Kieran Griffiths (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Objective quantification of locomotor workload used to determine the worst-case positional and team running scenarios in rugby union match play: A new approach
    Supervisors: Kirsten Spencer, Brett Smith
  • Luigi Bercades (PhD Candidate)
    Topic: Using Ecological Dynamics to Explore Expertise-appropriate Practice Pedagogies for the Taekwondo Roundhouse Kick
    Supervisors: Tony Oldham, Anna Lorimer, Willy Pieter
  • Pip Thomas (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Understanding transactions in sport; an existential approach
    Supervisors: Tony Oldham, Patricia Lucas
  • Ray Hollingsworth (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Reflections on transformation: a visual narrative inquiry into how New Zealand outdoor educators construct programmes to address (non-religious) spiritual growth
    Supervisors: Jennifer Nikolai, Lynn Kidman, Nesta Devine
  • Sian Clancy (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Developing a drug free sport intervention for New Zealand sporting contexts, a values based action-research approach
    Supervisors: Tony Oldham, Sarah-Kate Millar
  • Vincent Minjares (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Tactical learning experiences in New Zealand Secondary School Boys Basketball
    Supervisors: Jennifer Nikolai, Jane Gilbert, Alan Ovens

AUT Coach Development Centre

Sport New Zealand's coaching mission is to inspire and enable coaches to provide athletes with the coaching they need. The Coach Development Centre will help to achieve this goal by bringing coaches together to share ideas, develop and discuss all aspects of coaching and connect with like-minded people.

  • A partnership between AUT and Aktive - Auckland Sport & Recreation
  • Based at AUT Millennium
  • Brings together a dedicated network of organisations and people who want to share best practice and research opportunities with schools and clubs, other universities, regional and national sporting organisations
  • A venue for coaches, students, academics and sporting organisations to work together for the advancement of athlete-centred coaching in New Zealand
  • Access to current resources including a specialised technology resource room with software for performance analysis, individual athlete feedback and consultation