Areas of expertise

SPRINZ is globally known as an interdisciplinary research institute with dynamic and innovative researchers who produce high-impact research. Our research groups contribute to driving sports performance, capability in the sport system and the wellbeing of New Zealanders through research, education and industry engagement.

SPRINZ has international collaborations in 25 countries and global partnerships including in the US, Australia, UK, Malaysia and Germany. These partnerships and collaborations contribute to the growing global reputation of SPRINZ and strong relationships between our postgraduate research students and industry professionals throughout the world.

Health & Physical Education

Developing impactful research in pedagogy and practice in schools and higher education.

Human Potential Centre (HPC)

Enhancing the physical health and mental wellbeing of our communities through innovative research.

Sports kinesiology injury prevention & performance

Investigating the mechanical, neurological, biochemical and behavioural components of human movement.

Sport leadership & management

Helping local and international organisations make strategic, cost-effective, evidence-based decisions.

Sports physiology & nutrition

Determining the efficacy of training, nutrition and ergogenic interventions.

Sports technology

Developing applied technology, innovative products and services that improve human performance.

Strength & conditioning

Developing endurance, strength and power to improve athlete performance.

Youth sport development

Supporting coaches, athletes and sports organisations through development, education, research and consulting.

Never2old research

Developing impactful research to enhance the quality of life and lifespan of ageing adults.

Rugby codes research

Using applied research to support rugby organisations, teams and players.

Gym sports research

Reducing injury risk and improving performance in gym sports.

Court sports research

Improving performance and reducing injury risk in court sports.

Volunteer internships

SPRINZ offers a variety of unpaid volunteer internships for university students who want to gain experience in a research and workplace environment .

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