Sport Leadership and Management

Our research activities and outputs create opportunities for public and private-sector organisations operating at local, regional, national and international levels to make stratetgic, cost-effective, evidence-based decisions that will allow them to improve on past performances, increase current capabilities/capacities and build a platform for a more sustainable future.

We connect our research and postgraduate students with industry.

Featured projects

Our activities and students

  • Sport event referenda support and predictors
  • Insider perspectives of major sport event bidding
  • Gender and career status of athlete endorsers
  • Diversity in sport club leadership
  • Socialisation agents for rugby league fans
  • Evaluative study of action research
  • Navigating two worlds: Pacific contribution to leadership within the New Zealand rugby system
  • Privileging practice in sport leadership
  • Leadership in and out of the sport boardroom
  • NZ contemporary veterans - health and wellbeing study
  • Serious leisure guilt syndrome: Pounding the pavements!
  • Occupational devotion in professional sport: Fact or fiction?
  • Sports tourism: the costs & consequences of COVID-19
  • Employability from a Māori perspective: Student, graduate, employer
  • Emotions in Work-Integrated Learning
  • Good sports targeted population evaluation
  • Examining risks in work-integrated learning
  • Emotional intelligence in sport leadership in New Zealand
  • Sport leadership and club capability in New Zealand rugby
  • Access to leadership in New Zealand secondary schools
  • Women in governance – changes in institutional practices in New Zealand NSO’s
  • Chris Barron (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Selling the City of Sails: Destination branding through the 2021 America's Cup
    Supervisor: Richard Wright
  • Debbie Curgenven (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Alternative delivery models for women’s participation in mountain biking
    Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Katie Rowe, Jenny Fleming
  • Gary Putt (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Fun playing rugby! Exploring the meaning of fun in youth sport
    Supervisor: Lesley Ferkins, Michael Naylor
  • Gaye Bryham (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Exploring the social construction of leadership: A study of rugby in New Zealand
    Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Julia Ioane
  • Graeme Sequeira (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Exploring entrepreneurship within the New Zealand fitness industry; employing an entrepreneurial ecosystem approach
    Supervisors: Richard Wright, Andrew Kilding
  • Hafsa Ali (PhD candidate)
    Topic: The Impact of the Global War on Terror on Pakistan sports policy and practice
    Supervisors: Richard Wright, Geoff Dickson, Mark Orams
  • Javeed Ali (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Exploring the experiences of New Zealand rugby referees
    Supervisors: Michael Naylor, Lesley Ferkins
  • Jess Scadden (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Backing the bid: Exploring the potential of employing scenario planning within New Zealand's international sport event industry
    Supervisors: Richard Wright, Anca Yallop
  • Karyne Ross (Master's candidate)
    Topic: How is culture perceived, understood and experienced by members of a community sports organisation
    Supervisor: Michael Naylor
  • Katharine Hoskyn (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Increasing club membership in golf and lawn bowls: An action research approach
    Supervisors: Geoff Dickson, Michael Naylor
  • Mark Cameron (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Mixed ownership in sport – the case of Super Rugby in New Zealand
    Supervisor: Lesley Ferkins, Trevor Meiklejohn
  • Olivia Baudinet (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Exploring the influence of sport participation on the wellbeing of people with limb deficiency
    Supervisor: Lesley Ferkins, Katie Rowe
  • Tracy Molloy (PhD candidate)
    Topic: The emergence of the board nomination committee as a governance feature of New Zealand national sport organisations
    Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Geoff Dickson
  • Trevor Meiklejohn (PhD candidate)
    Topic: Exploring governance design in new and emerging sports: The case of stand up paddling in New Zealand
    Supervisors: Lesley Ferkins, Ian O'Boyle
  • Ying Zhu (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Turning international students into active sport tourists
    Supervisors: Richard Wright, Richard Ajiee
  • Zerui Chen (Master's candidate)
    Topic: Perceptions about the 2022 Winter Olympics in China
    Supervisors: Richard Wright, Kath Godber