National Sport Club Survey

The purpose of the National Sport Club Survey (NSCS) is to learn more about the current state of sport clubs in New Zealand. The survey generates insights that can be used to improve sport across the country. Longitudinal analysis of  sport club membership, facilities, volunteers, sponsorship, governance and management is ongoing. This project focuses on sport clubs as organisational entities, generating a different data set to complement other sector projects focused on individual Kiwis. Analysis is carried out by region and by code.

The 2019 NSCS captured the sport club experience of an estimated 150,000 Kiwis across more than 70 sports. 775 sport clubs across all of New Zealand’s 16 regions took part in the research. New Zealand’s most popular sports including cricket, bowls, hockey, football, rugby and netball were the best represented. Industry workshops based on 2019 NSCS insights were facilitated by SPRINZ in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin.

2019  insights from the National Sport Club Survey

  • Many clubs of over 200 members are growing and many clubs of less than 100 members are shrinking
  • Many clubs reported that finding new people willing to serve in governance roles was a challenge
  • The optimal tenure for board/committee members in a sport club is no more than 5 years
  • At 43%, there are more women involved in club governance than at higher levels within the sector
  • Just 9% of those volunteering as board or committee members at a sport club are less than 30 years old

2020 National Sport Club Survey

  • Widespread consultation through to 6 July
  • Survey from 17 to 28 August
  • Representatives of more than 6,000 clubs invited to participate
  • Focus areas this year are COVID-19, innovation and resilience
  • Insights workshops in Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Nelson from October

Our partners

  • The New Zealand Amateur Sport Association
  • Regional Sport Trusts
  • Dynasty Sport
  • Pinnacle Corporation
  • Expert Services
  • Unlimited Ltd

Our people

  • Michael Naylor
    Research lead, AUT
  • Mel Johnston
    Research lead, AUT
  • Gordon Noble-Campbell
    Project partner, NZASA
  • Katharine Hoskyn
    AUT PhD candidate
  • Amber Campbell
    AUT student
  • Geoff Dickson
    SPRINZ research associate