AUT-ACC-NSO SportSmart research programme

The AUT-ACC-NSO SportSmart research programme aims to provide evidence for six national sports organisations (NZ Rugby, NZ Rugby League, Football NZ, Touch NZ, Basketball NZ, and Netball NZ) on the effectiveness of their injury prevention initiatives.

The collaboration includes scientists, health professionals, coaches, athletes and injury prevention staff. The evaluation of the neuromuscular training programmes includes video analysis of movement patterns. Assessments of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours for injury prevention are conducted. Hui enables sharing of learnings. There is a focus on concussion in sports with education and technique intervention evaluation.

Projects within the programme

ACC SportSmart neuromuscular warmup

Conducting competition and/or training assessment using the new warmup observation evaluation tool (WOET) for one or more of the collaborating six national sports organisations.

Travel costs to competition venues provided as needed.

For students who want to use biomechanics and/or strength and conditioning; in-field assessment skills

BasketballSmart Warmup Evaluation Research Project 2024

Evaluate the BasketballSmart warmup for basketball players and coaches:

  1. Knowledge and attitudes (KA)
  2. Perceptions of delivery (PD) methods of warmup education
  3. Behaviour (B) of warmup performance
Project team
  • Axelle Lamothe: Research Officer
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Research Officer
  • Sara Bartolo: Research Officer
  • Shawn Stewart: BasketballSmart BBNZ Lead
  • Professor Patria Hume: Project Principal Investigator
  • Associate Professor Chris Whatman: Co-Associate Investigator
  • Dr Trevor Clark: Co-Associate Investigator
  • Shawn Iwikau: BasketballSmart ACC Lead

Collaborative partners

  • Basketball NZ
  • ACC SportSmart

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ACC NetballSmart messaging

Develop a method for injury prevention messaging engagement and evaluation for NetballSmart.

Work in collaboration with Sandra Edge (ex- Silver Ferns Captain; ex-Silver Ferns Coach; Netball Wgtn Centre Emerging Talent Officer) and Carla van der Merwe (Netball Wgtn Centre Injury Prevention Researcher) and create a social media strategy and competition with assessment to win the “Sandra Edge S&C training cabinet and equipment”.

For students who want to use biomechanics, strength and conditioning; social media and evaluation

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