Sports Biomechanics and Technology research programme

The AUT Sports Biomechanics and Technology research programme aims to provide solutions for community partners. Examples include video analysis of All Black Jordie Barret’s red card for his high ball catch when his foot hit a players head, and the design and testing of the ManuTech system for the Manu World Championships.

Projects within the programme

ManuTech style biomechanics

You will contribute to developing biomechanical analysis for style judging using motion capture suitable for outdoor competitions, building on Jan-Feb 2024 Manu World Championships.

This will be used in Manu World Championships 2025, in collaboration with Quantum Events Limited.

Travel in 2026 provided to Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

For students who want to use biomechanics, AI and technology; software programming skills

ManuTech AUT

Staff leading this work