Youth Development

We are about:  Developing innovative independent learners who are agents of change, through facilitating athlete/student centered learning, by applying theory to practice, being reflective practioners, understanding contextual learning, having self-awareness and valuing ongoing learning.

Our Aspirations for Research are:

  • To create a thriving postgraduate and research environment that develops academic and industry capability in coach development, skill acquisition, performance analysis, and athlete-student centred learning.
  • To create positive change for coaches and athletes through research and consulting 
  • To strongly contribute to the positive culture and aspirations of SPRINZ, and the School of Sport and Recreation.  
  • To enhance our research reputation through meaningful collaborations. 
  • To establish a dynamic teaching-research nexus. 
  • To be connected to community needs. 
  • To be known for qualitative investigations within the School of Sport and Recreation.

Our Research Pillars are:

  • Athlete and Student-Centred Learning
  • Coach Development
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Performance Analysis

The Coach Development Centre

Coaches now have a place they can call their own, one where coaches can share ideas, develop and discuss all aspects of coaching and connect with like-minded people. The Coach Development Centre (CDC) is based at AUT Millennium and is a partnership between AUT and Aktive.

It serves as a venue for coaches, students, academics and sporting organisations to work together for the advancement of athlete-centred coaching in New Zealand. The CDC enables access to current resources including a specialised technology resource room, which houses software for performance analysis, individual athlete feedback and consultation.

The Coach Development Centre brings together a dedicated network of organisations and people who want to share in best practice and research opportunities with schools and clubs, other universities, regional and national sporting organisations.

Sport New Zealand's new coaching mission is
"to inspire and enable coaches to provide athletes with the coaching they need"

The Coach Development Centre will provide the opportunity to meet this mission.